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Call for consultant

Call for consultant | Illustration by S Solberg J - dowloaded from wikipedia
Illustration by S Solberg J - dowloaded from wikipedia

We are seeking a consultant to write a report on Nordic tax development cooperation


Updated 29th Nov 2018

The Nordic countries have taken a leadership role in the taxation for development agenda. The Nordics are members of the Addis Tax Initiative (ATI) - one of the most important pathways to secure sustainable development funding to reach the sustainable development goals (SDGs). They have in the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) committed to increase technical support on tax matters, and to ensure policy coherence for development.

In this project we will explore in which extent Nordic countries are on track and meet these commitments and identify areas where the respective countries can learn from each other. What is the scope for increased cooperation amongst the Nordics? How can the Nordics work together to ensure progressive and transparent tax standards at the European and global level? The main outcome of the project will be a 40-page report in English which includes the following main sections: 

  1. measure of the extent to which countries fulfill their obligations
  2. mapped out differences between the Nordic countries 
  3. identified possible synergies on tax and transparency
  4. identified possibilities where the respective Nordic countries can learn from each other and lift each other's compliance.

 In addition, a 4-page summary of the report shall be prepared.

Note: Some of the information the consultant will need to gather may be in Nordic languages. Applicants should include in their application how they aim to cover this.

Sign-on consultant planned: 10th December. Deadline first draft: 15th of March. Final draft ready: 1st of April.

Commission: 120.000 NOK (Total including taxes)


Your application

Questions: Sigrid Klæboe Jacobsen, director Tax Justice Network – Norway / +47 46861189
Deadline application + CV: 5th of December 2018 to


The project partners

The Norwegian Church Aid, Tax Justice Network – Norway, Diakonia (Sweden), Mellemfolkeligt samvirke/ActionAid (Denmark), Finnish Development NGOs – Fingo.