How fighting tax avoidance could save our next generation

Skatteforsikningsdebatt på Kåkånomics-festivalen i Stavanger

onsdag 25. oktober 2023, kl. 15:30
Stavanger. Festsalen, Gaffel & Karaffel.

Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. For hospitals, schools, access to water, electricity and so much more. Over the last decade – several tax leaks have highlighted how the most powerful in our society have taken advantages of outdated rules and loopholes to escape that price and avoid paying taxes, undermining the social contract.

What used to be a topic reserved for scholars’ discussions and activists’ rallies is gradually becoming a political and economic priority.

Following the launch of EU Tax Observatory’s new Global Tax Database this week, their brand-new numbers on the tax dodging by individuals and firms kick-starts the panel discussion to get some answers to the following questions: Who are the biggest tax dodgers? How much does it cost society as a whole and which countries lose the most? How does this affect developing countries in particular? What can government do to tackle tax avoidance? What is the role of business and investors, and which trade-offs are they facing?


Gabriel Zucman, Director of EU Tax Observatory

Knut Kjær, Founding CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management


Annette Alstadsæter, Director of Skatteforsk – Centre for tax research

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