Prof. Honest Prosper Ngowi (1967-2022)

In fond memory of a friend, colleague and a great contributor to tax justice

It is with shock and great sadness that we received the message that Professor Honest Prosper Ngowi was killed in a road accident in Tanzania 28 March, 2022. Prof Ngowi was Associate Professor of Economics at Mzumbe University, and Principal of Mzumbe University Dar Es Salaam Campus College.

Prosper was a highly respected scholar, a creative thinker, and a productive writer. He was enthusiastic about the TaxCapDev-network from its creation and lent his support and encouragement by extending the network’s outreach in East Africa. He was engaged in several of the networks’ research projects on taxation in Tanzania, in publishing and reviewing papers, and participating in events. Together with other members of the network, he co-edited the volume 'Lifting the Veil of Secrecy: Perspectives on International Taxation and Capital Flight from Africa'.

Prosper was a very special person and a creative soul. He was active as a commentator on economic policy in Tanzania and internationally. Through his weekly column in TheCitizen ‘Economics made simple’, he made a name in communicating complex economic reasonings in ways that made it simple and understandable for a wider audience in Tanzania. He was engaged as consultant and advisor to the Government, Parliamentary committees, the private sector and civil society organizations. Prosper was known for his kindness toward colleagues and his generous support to young researchers. He supervised and tutored numerous students at Mzumbe DSM Campus College. With great enthusiasm, he devoted some of his spare time to farming, and tried out new cultivation methods for vegetables and herbs, as well as the breeding of quails, dwarf pigs and more. In many ways he was a multi-talent. And last but not least, Prosper was an incredibly nice person, humble and reflective.

His passing away is a great loss for Tanzania in many ways and for us and many others. Prosper will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace and may we find and fight for ways to continue to support his work and efforts.

The TaxCapDev-network extends our condolences to Prof. Ngowi’s family, friends, and colleagues.

Prof. Odd-Helge Fjeldstad
Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway

Photo: Tax Justice Network - Norge