The golden opportunity of a UN tax convention

Webinar fra Tax Justice Network om mulighetsrommet rundt skattekonvensjon i FN.

tirsdag 6. september 2022, kl. 15:00
Tax Justice Network

Reforms of the international governance of tax and of financial regulation are long overdue. And now, with a full set of articles drafted for a United Nations Convention on Tax an unstoppable momentum has been triggered. The Convention, as drafted, marks a decisive point where the balance of power is shifting away from the OECD’s club of rich countries and providing the foundation for inclusive and equitable global tax rules. How optimistic should we be? Who will block this endeavour, and who are the constituents we need to engage and with what new advocacy approaches?

Full speaker line-up to be confirmed.

This event is part of a series of online public events the Tax Justice Network is hosting that will discuss critical opportunities in 2022 to meet pressing global urgencies with global tax progress. The event series will bring together high-level policymakers, leading economists and renowned campaigners to discuss the most pivotal tax justice policy developments of 2022, how tax justice policies can be implemented and who should lead reform of the global tax system. Learn more about Tax Justice Series 2022 here.