Who owns what, where and how?

Webinar om reelle rettighetshavere i Afrika og Latin-Amerika.

mandag 13. mars 2023, kl. 14:00
Tax Justice Network, Tax Justice Network Africa og Funación SES

Temaet for samtalen er reelle rettighetshavere, og diskusjonen handler om hvem som heier hva og hvordan i Afrika og Latin-Amerika. Du finner mer informasjon om arrangementet her.

Om arrangementet:

Join the Tax Justice Network, Tax Justice Network Africa and Fundación SES in conversation on who owns what, where and how in Africa and Latin America. In this virtual event, we will discuss why beneficial ownership transparency matters, and the current state of play of beneficial ownership in the two regions. Recent research shows that nearly 100 countries across the world have laws and regulations to implement beneficial ownership transparency. Inevitably, there’s significant variation in how and why beneficial ownership transparency frameworks are implemented in the different regions.

Join this discussion, which will also mark the launch of two regional reports on beneficial ownership transparency in Africa and Latin America.

Foto: Tax Justice Network